Passaic’s Indigenous People

The Lenni Lenape - Passaic Natives  

The Lenni Lenape, also known as the Delaware Indians, were the original inhabitants of the land that is now Passaic, NJ. They were a tribe of Native Americans who lived in the northeastern United States, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The Lenni Lenape were a semi-nomadic people who lived on the land, hunting, fishing, and farming. They had a deep connection to nature and believed in living in harmony with the environment.

In the early 1600s, European settlers began arriving in the area, and the Lenni Lenape were gradually displaced from their ancestral lands. They were forced to relocate to reservations in other parts of the country, and their culture and way of life were forever changed.

Today, the Lenni Lenape are still present in the Passaic area although their numbers are much smaller than they once were. Many residents of Passaic and the surrounding areas have Native American ancestry and are proud of their heritage. The Lenni Lenape continue to play an important role in the cultural history of Passaic and are remembered and celebrated through events and activities that honor their legacy.

Lenni Lenape TribePhoto: Lenni Lenape Tribe that resides in the areas of NY, NJ, PA and DE 

Lrnspr MapPhoo: Lenni Lenape Tribe that resides in the areas of NY, NJ, PA and DE 

DSC04545 - Powwow SmallerPhoto: Mayor holds a Powwow to celebrate the history of Lenni Lenape