1873 - City of Passaic Incorporated

From Acquackanonk to City of Passaic


On April 4, 1678 a Dutch settler and trader, Mr. Hartman Michielsen Vreeland, purchased a "Great Island in the river of Passaic” which came to be known as Dundee Island and Pulaski Park. Between 1679 and 1685, deeds and patents were acquired between the original settlers and the Lenni-Lenapi Native Americans that secured the land for the original settlers including and surrounding modern day Passaic.

In October of 1693 the Township of Acquackanonk was created in the northern part of Essex County. In February of 1837 the County of Passaic was created from parts of both northern Essex and western

Bergen County. In 1854 the Village of Acquackanonk took the name of the river that it bordered, Passaic. By the late 1860's the Village of Passaic was steadily growing in population and commercial and residential size. In 1869, the community of Acquackanonk voted to change its name to the City of Passaic, and the city was officially incorporated in 1873. During the colonial period, Acquackanonk was primarily an agricultural community, however, the construction of the Morris Canal in the early 19th century brought new opportunities for industry and commerce to the area.

The incorporation of Passaic marked a period of signicant growth and development for the city. The construction of the Erie Railroad in the late 19th century brought new industries and businesses to Passaic, and the city quickly became a hub of manufacturing and commerce.

The textile industry was particularly important to Passaic's economy during this time, with numerous mills producing silk, cotton, and other fabrics. The city's population grew rapidly, fueled in part by immigration from Europe and other parts of the world and would lead to an industrial boom within the City.

Passaic River - Essex

Photo: Passaic River Map Showing Essex, Bergen and Passaic County 

Village of Aquakanonk

Photo: "Village of Aquakanonk, New Jersey." published in Gleason's Pictorial in 1853

Passaic Flag

Photo: City of Passaic Flag and Seal

Erie Railroad

Photo: City of Passaic - Erie Railroad