Apply for a Passport

As an authorized Passport Acceptance Agency, the City Clerk’s Office accepts passport applications.

When a Passport Is Necessary

  • Canadian Travel: All persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling between the United States and Canada are required to present a valid passport or other documents as determined by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Entering the U.S. From a Foreign Country: Every U.S. citizen, including babies and children, must present a valid passport book or passport card to enter the United States from any foreign country, either by air or by land. A passport is also required for countries including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land borders and seaports of entry.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • For Passport Money Order or Check made payable to: 
    • U.S. Department of State (Refer to the fee schedule (PDF) for your appropriate amount.)
  • $35 Cash or Money order made payable to: 
    • City of Passaic

Passport Services - Hours of Operation

For more information, you may call the City Clerk’s Office at 973-365-5584 or email Passport.

  • Business Hours
    By appointment only
    Monday - Friday
    8:30AM - 4:00PM

Additional Information

For application forms, information on documentation required, fees, and a wealth of other passport and international travel information, visit: