Benefits of Joining

The Urban Enterprise Zone offers you significant dollar-saving advantages for starting up or expanding your business in Passaic.

The City of Passaic was designated as an Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) in 1994. It is one of only 33 such areas in New Jersey that is able to receive valuable tax benefits and incentives. These privileges are designed to encourage businesses to prosper, by hiring additional employees and making investments to improve their business.

Approximately one-third of Passaic is contained in the UEZ, including most of the city’s commercially zoned properties. All addresses along Main Avenue, Monroe Street and Market Street, as well as Big Apple West, Passaic Industrial Center and Willett Street industrial complexes are included.


To participate in the UEZ, a business need only complete a simple application, which can be found on the Forms and Applications page of this website. There is no cost to apply or to participate in the UEZ. Membership is absolutely free. 

How Your Business Benefits

  • 100% Sales Tax Exemption or Rebate on most business-related purchases - for example, the following can be purchased tax-free:
    • Air Conditioner
    • Carpeting
    • Chairs
    • Computers
    • Kitchen Utensils
    • Machinery
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Register
    • Tables
    • Anything necessary to run your business
  • Certain businesses are eligible for corporate business tax credits and unemployment insurance rebates.
  • Reduced 3.5% Sales Tax - retail businesses may charge their customers 50% of the usual 7% NJ sales tax