The department of administration is headed by the Business Administrator. He shall have, exercise and discharge the functions, powers and duties of the department.

The department, under the direction and supervision of the Mayor shall:

  1. Assist in the preparation of the budget
  2. Administer a centralized purchasing system
  3. Be responsible for the development and administration of a sound personnel system
  4. Supervise the management, planning and operations of all departments
  5. Coordinate the operation and administration of the various departments, divisions, offices and agencies of the City government. Maintain a continuing review and analysis of budget operations, work programs and costs of municipal service
  6. Develop, prescribe and enforce rules and regulations for the efficient management of the City government, for the avoidance of any duplication or overlapping of effort among the departments or among units within a department and for the improvement of methods and procedures of administration
  7. Maintain a continuing review of federal and state aid programs of interest to the City to assure that the City shall receive any and all aids to which it may be legally entitled
  8. Assist the Mayor to provide a system for accurate public information with respect to the activities, facilities and services of the City and prompt, effective and efficient response to citizen complaints relating to City services