• A Park Bench in Front of Tall Trees
  • Thick Branches Span over a Park Bench
  • Gentle Stream Runs Through a Park Area
  • Sun Rising over a Park Clearing
  • Sun Shines Through the Leafless Branches of Tree in Winter
  • Flags Stand Tall in a Winter Clearing
  • Winter Trees Line an Intersection
  • Jet Streams Streak Through the Sky over Leafless Tree Branches on a Winter Day
  • A Park Clock Stands in a Brick Plaza at Sunrise
  • A Tall Stone Structure Stands in the Midst of a Clearing
  • Dusk over a Park Fountain in a Pond
  • A Flock of Canadian Geese Meander Through a Park Pond in Fall
  • A Lone Flat Boulder in the Middle of a Park Clearing
  • Abandoned Rails Bridge over a River
  • A Park Clock Lit up in  the Center of a Plaza
  • A Lake Clubhouse Seen Across Serene Waters

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