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State Law Requires Home Revaluations
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The State of New Jersey requires that all real property, including local homes in the City of Passaic be revalued for Tax Year 2016.  Beginning this week, representatives of a private company, Appraisal Systems Inc., will be going door-to-door to measure and inspect homes and businesses.  This is required by the State of New Jersey and not the local government.

Once all properties have been revalued, property owners will be notified by mail of their proposed new assessed values and given an opportunity to schedule an informal meeting with a representative of the Appraisal firm in order to review their new assessment. Assessment reviews will be finalized by early 2016 and the new assessments will become effective for the 2016 tax year.

It is in each homeowners best interest to check the identity of the appraiser and cooperate with the revaluation inspection.  Any inquiries with respect to the inspection procedure should be directed to Appraisal Systems Inc. at (201) 493-8530.   You can also find additional information at http://asinj.com/revaluation.asp?p=current&id=311




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